Custom Apparel

For Teams of All Types and Sizes

  • Whether you're outfitting your crew, your teammates, or every participant in a 5K charity run, Five Towers Design Company can help you find the right threads for the task.
  • Name Brands. Unbeatable Quality. Through our partnership with Atlantic Sportswear, we can bring you factory-direct pricing on screen printing, embroidery and sublimation on hundreds of items.
  • Existing Five Towers clients can virtually eliminate overhead design fees. Because we specialize in graphic design, we already use the formats the printers need. Why pay for your artwork twice?
  • We can customize:
    • T-Shirts
    • Hoodies
    • Jerseys
    • Shorts
    • Socks
    • Jackets
    • Warm-Ups
    • Hats
    • Long-Sleeve Tees
    • Tank Tops
A composite image showing various apparel brands that are available to customize, including Nike, Under Armour, North Face, Atlantic Sportswear, Carhartt, New Era, Eddie Bauer, and Gildan.
A sampling of brands available to customize.

Wear it with pride.

  • Scren printing (also sometimes called silk-screening) is the most common and cost-effective way to print on garments. We feature a wide variety of ink colors that are applied directly to the top of the fabric. Because the screen printing inks are thicker, designs look much better with a limited color palette (typically 1 to 5 colors).
  • Embroidery is the the act of stitching your design to a garment using various colors of thread. We tend to see embroidery more on polos, hats, jackets and work-shirts because of both the endurance and professional-looking quality of a well-done embroidery. This option holds up very well under frequent laundering.
  • Sublimation is a method that transfers the design directly to the garment using ink and heat. A relatively newer technology, sublimation allows us to use the entire range of printable colors AND enables us to print “seam to seam.” The durability of the design is superior to screen printing. The effect is permanent, as the ink is embedded in the fabric rather than simply layering on top like we do with screen printing.
  • Five Towers is happy to help you make the selection that best fits your vision. Call today to start your design consultation!
Clothing that displays the 3 main methods of apparel design.
Top left: embroidery on a polo shirt; Bottom left: sublimation on a jersey; Right: Screen printing on a t-shirt.